Resources for Buyers

  • Buyers, welcome to the Haiti Business Portal! Its purpose is to provide you with important information and resources that can connect you with capable local suppliers who can meet your operational requirements. By spending money locally, you will help build peace and stability in Haiti by creating jobs, generating revenue and developing the private sector.

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    Supplier Directory

    The supplier directory is a database of local businesses searchable by sector and location. It is regularly updated by Building Markets' business verification team who conduct site visits to ensure that buyers have the most up-to-date information on potential suppliers.

  • Business Matchmaking

    Business matchmaking services create linkages between local suppliers and international buyers operating in Haiti by helping procurement officers identify cost-competitive, high-quality products and services available in the Haitian marketplace.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Here you can find answers to commonly asked questions about the Haiti Business Portal.

Success Stories


We’re also digitalizing our entire inventory of school books, investing in smart boards, and implementing data backup. We hope to have a transformative effect on the state of education in Haiti.” click here for the entire article

A Historic Haitian Department Store Look to the Future

“We work very closely with PDT, and have been fortunate to access their database and win important contracts,” Patricia explained.  “We have so many international aid groups in the country, and being able to show these organizations that Haitian companies have the ability and capacity to fulfill these contracts in a timely and orderly fashion is a huge boost to our company and the image of Haiti as well.” click here for the entire article