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# of businesses

% of

Construction and Renovation95618.83%
 Food and Beverages4969.77%
 Restaurants and Catering3186.26%
 Health, Medicine and Recreation2484.88%
 Printing and Copying2344.61%
 Media and Communication2184.29%
 Home Essentials1953.84%
 Information Technology Services and Equipment1933.80%
 Business and Consulting Services2454.82%
 Handicrafts and Artisans1943.82%
 Travel, Accommodations and Rentals2214.35%
 Financial and Legal Services1663.27%
 Telecommunication Services and Equipment1502.95%
 Office Furniture, Equipment and Supplies1462.88%
 Primary Industry (including Agriculture and Fisheries)1733.41%
 Transportation, Logistics and Courier Services1282.52%
 Heavy Machinery/Equipment, Generators, A/C and Solar Panels1192.34%
 Household and Industrial Services711.40%
 Real Estate and Insurance611.20%
 Other **1202.36%

**Other consists of the following sectors:

 Security Services and Equipment (36 Businesses)
 Oil, Coal, Fuels and Natural Gas (45 Businesses)
 Laundry and Dry Cleaning (15 Businesses)
 Associations, Unions, Cooperatives and NGOs (22 Businesses)
 Pools, Spas and Equipment (2 Businesses)
 Date: June 2012